5 Food Festivals That Can Leave Anyone Quite Satiated

When it comes to food, we all have our weaknesses that make us different from other people..

Tastes differ. This is why there are so many different restaurants and cafes around that offer quite different ranges of meals to their customers. And this is a good reason to organize multiple food fest all around the world. Just imagine hundreds of variations of your favorite meal prepared by the most skilled chefs from all over the world. Already feel that delicious taste in your mouth? Time to find something you need to attend this year.

1. Maslyana

Nosh-up fest from Slavic countries, incredibly popular in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Originally this celebration was a so-called ‘goodbye-winter’ fest. This is why women cooked all meals that symbolized the sun. It means anything of round shape.

Pancakes fitted best, so now it the week when you can go out and try all types of delicious pancakes with various fillings, starting from fish and ham and up to fruit and chocolate. Lucky are those guys who can move after trying all those types of treats.

2. Naples Pizza Festival “Pizza Village”

Pizza lovers, where are you? Millions of people visit Naples, Italy in June to spend to days stuffed with yummy pizza of all sizes and types, cooked by the best pizzaiolos of Italy and enjoy the magnificent scenery of Naples waterfalls.

In the evening, to give their jaws a short break – guests are invited to a concert to dance and enjoy good Italian music.

3. Oktoberfest

This one needs no introduction. Everyone has at least heard of this Munchen beer paradise. This fest is on my bucket list too and I plan to cross it out this October. Gallons of beer are brought into one place together with tons of sausages and sauerkraut to feed thousands of people who come to Germany to enjoy good food and drink. Don’t spill your beer when staring at sexy waitresses in super tight dresses.

4. Salon du Chocolat

Its name is as delicate as the city of Paris where it takes place every winter. Initiators choose the coldest month to open the festival, as all items are made of pure chocolate there. And it is not only about the desserts, but also those chic outfits models demonstrate on the catwalk.

I bet you would gladly help any of them to take it all off after the show. But by that time most visitors are stuffed, so no one touches the models.

5. Thai Pongal

A 4-day festival from Sri Lanka, which according to the Gregorian calendar is normally celebrated from January 14 to January 16. These days are spent in gratitude to sun, cattle and other factors that helped to gather the harvest. Regular people come to thank the farmers for food they produce.

Every family has to cook traditional rice and fruit pudding ‘Pongal’ on a fire pit in their garden. Once the meal is ready, the family prays and goes to treat family and friends.


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